Shipping & Returns Policy

Our team work very hard in order to provide finest quality and service experience to its customer. SurpriseCart believe that our customer and business is most important to us and we really care about delivering the best.

Your submitting to the order implies to our acceptance of the offer. You will receive an email confirmation of your order details, which advice that we are processing your order via the email address you have provided.

SurpriseCart will not considered itself bound by a contract with you in any given situation.

All order will be delivered only during the working day between 9AM to 7PM. (Exceptions may be there)

In case, if delivery is not possible on due to public holidays or local restrictions, order will be delivered on next working days.

To avoid any kind of convenience or delay with the order, please ensure that you have included complete address, including correct postal address of the recipients, and telephone number, so that we can inform you if we encountered any problems during delivery.

Order cannot be cancelled or modified, before 48 hrs from delivery date.

We take “preferred delivery time” from customer, for their convenience and we make our best to deliver your order within preferred timeline. However, this is not guaranteed and may not be possible sometimes.

If the recipient is not found at home/office, your order will be delivered to the neighbours or to the security. At reception (in case of office), and your order will be considered as delivered andSurpriseCart will not be responsible for any damage or loss to the items. If recipients’ number is incorrect, not responding, or the number is unavailable, and the delivery may not be possible, in such case the recipient must collect the order from our nearest delivery centre within 24 hours from schedule delivery time.

If by any reason, the delivery is refused by the recipient, then the order will be considered as delivery attempted and no refund/change of order is acceptable in this case. However, we will try our best to convince the recipient for accepting the order.   

In case if you want to return the order, you have to filled a form that why you want to return it. If you are not filling the form, SurpriseCart is not liable of refund.

In case of service failure or quality complaint, you can write to our team and we will respond within 6-12 working hours.

Our team will process a quick investigation, on your order and in case of any quality failure, SurpriseCart will re-deliver your order with complimentary flowers within next 24 hours.

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