About Surprise cart (How it comes in your mind to start this)

From the childhood, I was the one among those who didn’t receive any gifts, either it’s my birthday or any other special day. And that’s where the idea of SurpriseCart came. I thought to create such a platform from where people like me can order gift for themselves and the beauty of the surprise still remain with it as they don’t have any clue that what they are going to receive.

Motto Of SurpriseCart(Only Surprises)

Our wholly and solely aim is to delivering smile across the country.  We believe that smile could be delivered in a gift-wrapped package too and that’s what we are doing continuously.

How It works to send Surprises (Process of gift selection and Delivering option Mention all points with choosing a plan delivering).
Choosing a gift from SurpriseCart is very easy. You have to select any of the packages which are available on our website and you are done. We will initiate the process according to us.

How Does Surprise Cart Different from Other Gifting Websites? Why to Choose a Surprise Cart?
SurpriseCart is the only platform in country which offer you a service in which neither the receiver nor the customer knows that what they are going to receive. We maintain the Surprise till you unwrapped the package.

Will you receive a gift as per your chosen Plans?
Well, what you will goanna received in surprise if we let you know, then what will be there in surprise. We can just assure you that, whatever you will received, it will surely more then your expectation and it will amaze you.

Can You Customize Your Gift?
No, there is no such option to customize the gift. You have to just select any of the package available on the platform and that’s it.

Can I Choose a Surprise Gift from Here?
No, all you can choose is just the package available on our website.

What’s Your Payment Mode Available?
We accept all types of card such as Debit Card and Credit Card.

What’s Your Refund Policy?
For getting your refund back, you have to just filles a form that why you want to return the products. And once we receive your response, we will process your refund. But if you don’t filles up the form, SurpriseCart is not liable of refund.

How can I get assured to Receive a Perfect Matched gift for my occasion?
When you select the package, you will get the option there that for which occasion you are ordering it. We will send gift according to that occasion.

How Much time will it take to get delivered to me?
Generally we took 4 to 5 working days to deliver your order.

What would I do if I didn’t receive a surprise gift after choosing a plan?
If you don’t like the gift which you have received (which is rare of the rarest) then you can return it to us.

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