Friends are the very breath of our life. We can’t create Friendship. It just grows magically. “No man is an island” goes a saying. Yes, amidst these billions of people you can never find a person without a friend. It would not be an exaggeration to say that friends are our supporting line. I know you will agree with me if I say that friends are versatile beings.
A friend turns out to be a teacher a few minutes prior exam.
A friend grows in to be a mentor in our stressful times.
A friend makes into a brother or sister in our needful times.
It is one such relationship that can’t be replaced.
As when the wheel of time rolls on, they may fade like the moon, but remember they stay always there for us.

“A friend may tease,
But never fails to please.

 A friend may hurt,
But never falls apart

A friend may irritate,
But never fails to celebrate us.”

So make this friendship more stronger & lengthy by keep yourself  connected with your friends, send some beautiful surprise gifts with Surprise Cart

Every year August 1 is a day added to the golden memories of people since it is a celebration of friendship. Don’t you think that such a bond should be celebrated with more colorful smiles and gifts? Surprise them with your love and gifts from us. It is the day to shower your feelings for your loved ones and how they and their friendship mean to you.








You may wonder why should we surprise our boyfriend or girlfriend on this day?A boyfriend might expect somesurprises from his girlfriend and vice versa though they do not express it explicitly. Who would say no to surprise? Can you find any such people? No..right? Yes…you can never find it because each one of us would expect something lovely from our beloved ones. And this day is not an exception. Isn’t?Join with us to know more on how to celebrate the day with your boyfriend or girlfriend with our new plans.

A relationship is made stronger not just by getting them gifts but the whole effort you put behind that in getting them.You can make your boyfriend or girlfriend feel elated and more special with our stunning surprise gifts for friends.


I could see your doubt and queries regarding our Surprise Cart and plans. It is a pleasure to explain to you how it varies from other gifting sites. Here it goes

  • If you are baffled about how to start and manage your event, Surprise cart provides you with multiple plans. You can choose according to your financial management. Like it begins with the Starter Plan at just Rs. 299. Customers with simple planning can opt for this option very well. Second, is our Basic plan at Rs. 399. The third one being Professional at Rs. 499. And the topmost package Ultra available at Rs. 599.
  • Double Surprise: A big whole surprise is waiting for you too. Yeah!!! It is maintained surprise even who makes an order. Leave your choice of gift to us and just choose your package.We lessen your work and heighten guaranteed happiness.
  • You need not run for various shops when everything you ask for is available in Surprise Cart. Yes, You can make an order forthe categories you wanted to surprise with. Our categories are myriad starting from cakes, flowers, accessories, plants, toys, gourmet gifts, fashion and lifestyle, jewelryand home decor. But what would be delivered is still a surprise for the ones who make order. Sounds great…Right?

But make sure you do the order well in advance so that we could deliver your happiness on time.

  • We also deliver at your doorstep well in advance. Options for refunding and returning the ordered products are also provided for our customers.

When the day for celebration is not far away, it is high time to surprise our friends,boyfriend and girlfriend. Here is the link for your travel in Surprise Cart. Your fascinating look in Surprise Cart is just one click away.

Choose Surprise Cart!!!
Choose extra Happiness!!!
Choose lifetime memories!!!

Any queries and for further information, feel free to ask us. We are at your service. Thank you.

A Few Question that May Come to Your Mind

When you send a gift to a loved one it brings a smile to their face and they are so happy. But if this is a surprise then the happiness is doubled. The quality of the gifts will be as expected and your loved ones will feel your warmth and love through them.

You can select various gifts from the wide range of categories that we have offerd. They can be chocolates, teddies, accessories etc. it can also be a combination. It all depends on the category you select.

No, we do not serve outside INDIA.

On an average it shall take 7 to 10 days for the delivery of your gift at the given address.

There is a wide selection of categories from which you can select. The certain gift can not be selected. That is a surprise from us to you. you can rest assured the gift will be good and from the category that you have selected.

The surprise part for the one who books the gift is that even you will not know what exctlly is coming to you. you may knw that the gift is a teddy, but the colour and size etc. are up to us. The over all look of the gift is a completely unknown to you. You will see it only when you get it.

You can select the category of the gift you want like a teddy or a chocolate, but not excaty which one.

Yes, please read terms and conditions before placing an order.

Yes, the servie is a safe ans secure. We make secure money transactions and send the gift safely so that the gift are intact an in good condition when they reach you.

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