Festivals are a special occasion that brings us closer to the family and ourselves. We are made aware of our culture and heritage. We get a better understanding of religion and a deeper understanding of the beliefs of our life. These festivals are a special way to thank the lord(whichever you follow) for the family and friends and their love. 

How Surprise Cart makes Festivals Special

Festivals are all about happiness and cheerful smiles, so it will be an excellent idea to send gifts to your loved ones and make them feel even more loved. You can send colorful and tasty gifts that can make their day awesome. You can send them surprise gifts for festivals like: items for decoration, flowers, cakes, chocolates, or even customized surprise gifts. So, make a little effort to bring joy to the life of your loved ones and express the love you have for them. all these will be cherished throughout the year and make great memories. 

Surprise Cart Connects your Emotions & Relations with Surprise Gifts







We at surprise cart can help. We know you can not possibly reach out to all your loved ones to give them gifts every time. So, all you have to do is book a surprise gift package with us and we shall send the best gift of that package to your given address. Please give us 7 to 10 days to deliver the order so that your gift reaches the person in time. 

The joy of having a gift is doubled when the gift is a surprise. There will be no compromise in the quality of the gift, you will be delighted in the response. A surprise cart can make your wish true by sending the gift from the category you have chosen. So make sure to select something they love. It can be flowers, plants, cakes, chocolates, accessories, decor items, etc. as a surprise gift for the festivals.

A Few Question that May Come to Your Mind

When you send a gift to a loved one it brings a smile to their face and they are so happy. But if this is a surprise then the happiness is doubled. The quality of the gifts will be as expected and your loved ones will feel your warmth and love through them.

You can select various gifts from the wide range of categories that we have offerd. They can be chocolates, teddies, accessories etc. it can also be a combination. It all depends on the category you select.

No, we do not serve outside INDIA.

On an average it shall take 7 to 10 days for the delivery of your gift at the given address.

There is a wide selection of categories from which you can select. The certain gift can not be selected. That is a surprise from us to you. you can rest assured the gift will be good and from the category that you have selected.

The surprise part for the one who books the gift is that even you will not know what exctlly is coming to you. you may knw that the gift is a teddy, but the colour and size etc. are up to us. The over all look of the gift is a completely unknown to you. You will see it only when you get it.

You can select the category of the gift you want like a teddy or a chocolate, but not excaty which one.

Yes, please read terms and conditions before placing an order.

Yes, the servie is a safe ans secure. We make secure money transactions and send the gift safely so that the gift are intact an in good condition when they reach you.

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