What to do with Your Partner After a Fight?

Have you ever wondered that why we fight with the people who are closest to us? It is because when love enter in someone life, it carried a great number of expectations behind it. Even the smallest negative reaction by your loved one can hurt you.so find here what to do with your partner after a fight to add a smile on your partner face.

Arguments happen, either big ones or little ones. And it’s completely normal and healthy. It is not possible to agreeing on everything. We believe that a marriage without arguments is like a marriage without productivity. The arguments in a relationship shows that there are some works to do in a relationship and both of the partner are trying to do that in their own way.

But what you do after a heating argument with your partner is as important as what you do and what you don’t do during an argument. It’s very easy to float around in the consequences of a fight and to wait for things to come on track again. It is important to understand that when someone needs time or space. But acting like nothing happened is totally wrong approach. For getting things back to normal, it’s important to take action accordingly.

So, how we can help you? We have 15 small ideas, What to do with Your Partner After a Fight? after a fight.

1. Listen what your heart says

Your heart will always lead you toward your beloved. N matter how heated arguments you both had, you heart will want you to get back to your partner and talk. No matter, how practical you think in life, but when it comes to relationship, listen to your heart.
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2. Don’t let your ego come into your way

People fight because, they often think that they are right and not even heard. At the same time, our ego come in our midway, and we started expecting that our partner would come to us and say sorry and accept his mistake. And as a result of it’s both of them remain stubborn and no one makes amends.

3. Hug it out

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To make amened, you often got confused and didn’t figure out right word to say to your partner. In this situation, hug it out, is the best things to do. Once you hug your beloved, it will melt your partner and will realize them how much you missed him. Hug works like a miracle, no matter how big your fight is. Make sure you talk about the issue after this, so that you don’t again get into fight with your partner over the same thing. Better is to solve your issue otherwise it can lead to more fight in future.  

4. Make him laugh

Try something new which will make them laugh. Sharing a laughter is powerful as it released neuropeptides when we smile and guffaw. When you both share a laugh, it will ease tension and it break down walls and make it easier for a couple to find their center.

5. Makeup in fronts of Kids

Children learns by watching their parents. After a fight, when parent make up with each other, they should do so in front of their children. IT give leave impact on their brain that even though people fight and argue, it does not mean that those relationship are irreparable. So, make sure to makeup in fronts of kids.

6.  Write a love note

Write a sincere love note. Tell you partner that even after a heated arguments you are still there in her good’s and bad and that you will never stop loving them. Trust me, a partner loves to hear this and you need to be reminded that’s the case. It will surely help.

7. Find out what triggered you

There is always something which made you incredibly angry during the fight, find out that. Analyse what triggered you. It is important for you to understand that whatever you partner said while arguments they didn’t say it to intentionally pissed you off.

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8. Don’t say Just “I’m sorry”

If you really want to sort it out, don’t say just I’m sorry. This look like a hollow phrase. Instead. Explain them that you understand their specific point about A and B. Or say that you are really sorry for the specific task. Otherwise, it’s useless.Either you have an another way to send a surprise gifts online for her and add a smile on her face.

9. Put you feeling on paper

Penned you emotion is best way out here. Write, that how you feel. Anything, put it in writing. Writing is like meditation which helps you to understand your though better. If there is something which you want to share with your partner, do so. May be that is something she can hold onto.


10. Sit down together, and sort it out

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When you feel that you both have cooled down, sit down together and point out what’s made you both heated up, so that it does not get repeat again. Come to a joint conclusion. Does it sound dramatic? No. But it works.

11. Apologize for your behavior

Take the ownership of the thing that you have said over anger. Explain that you have lost your cool in the moment. Don’t retread over the things she said. Apologize for the specific act and move on.

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12. Complete the pending chores

If there is something that you both wants to do together since long, such as a therapy session? a vacation? Dinner at restaurants?  Just make it happen.

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13. Make new rule

When you both got to know that what triggered you out, sit jointly, and make a new rule that you both will follow in future to prevents such fight. This new rule could be anything, such as not talking with each other for half an hour after fight, or still eating together no matter how bad the fight was and so on. Setting new rules and boundaries will help you to maintain a healthy relation and will help you to know that what exactly you expect from your partner in such situation.

14.Block all Negative thoughts

When you get angry, all kinds of negative thought started to your mind with respect to your partner and relationship. It feels like just screaming it all out ad get done with this relation. Trust me it’s not you. It’s the anger inside you talking about all this. Those emotion are just a product of your anger. Netter to neglect those negative thought and start making about amends instead. Negative thought will destroy your relationship.

15.Listen what your partner has to say

Just like a coin has two side, in the same way every story has two, but we feel that only our version is the right one. Generally, it happens that after fight with your partner, it seems that you were right and your issue was totally justified. May be this time you both are wrong. Thus, it is important for you to calm down and listen to other side of story, and look out what your partner has to say.

These all are the tested and tried experiments which will surely help you after you landed into a heated argument. We believe that it’s never too late to start something. Have a mug of coffee, seat jointly and sort it out.

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