Raksha Bandhan Gifts For Sister – RAKHI SPECIAL IDEAS

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the full moon day in Month of August 22th, 2021 with great enthusiasm all over India. To share love and affection and to strengthen the bond of love between the brother and sister is basic significance of Rakhi celebration. According to the tradition, sister tie a sacred thread on wrist of his brother, and praying for their happiness and long life and in return brother promise to protect her sister against any obstacles come in her way. This day is really full from happiness and surprises brothers always plan a Raksha Bandhan gifts for sisters because a little gift for your sister can increase the sweetness and happiness of your bonding by many fold.

The bond of love which the sibling share with each other is one of the purest heartfelt emotion in human beings and the best part of this Raksha Bandhan Festival is that, it is the joyous day specially dedicated to celebrate this beautiful bond. The Rakhi which is generally called the thread of love, is filled with sister sincere prayer and emotions for her brother long and prosperous life and it Is also a symbol of promise that every brother makes to protect his sister from all that evil.

Here are the Top 20 gifts for your sister on Raksha bandhan

Sister is blessing of God. She is that notorious girl in a guy life, whom they love like anything and even get irritated in short time. They will fight with each other, but with every single fight their love increases for each other. They care each other life more than their own self. From complaining abo tech other to keeping each other secret they grow together.

And Raksha Bandhan add metaphor to this relation as it strengthens their bond. So, what could be the better day then this auspicious festival to gifts your sister their long-time pending wishes. But the most difficult problems arise here is that what to gift or what not? No doubt when it comes to choosing gift for our loved one, we often got confused. So, we have some new and interesting ideas, as Surprise cart make all its effort to make your day special so that this festival  could be great and memorable for both sister and his brother. Check out Popular Surprise Gifts online and make your festival memorable.

Personalized Wallet or Bag

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Gifts which are personalised not only delight us but also makes place close to our hearts. Nowadays, you can personalise a wallet you can also personalise a wallet or bag with a quote of your sister’s name on it. Agive it to her on RakshaBandhan. Personalised gifts are the best memorable gift that one can ever have, and when it comes to handbag and wallet, girls never say no to it, therefore it makes an amazing combination.

Gift Accessories/Jewellery

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Jewelry are the gifts which are adore by almost all the girls. After all who does not like a beautiful pair of earrings or an elegant bracelet that she can flaunt among her friends. At Surprise cart Inventory, you can look for some beautiful jewelry online and choose from a wide range of option. Bracelets, Earrings, pendent with chain, rings, you name them, we have all. She will not only keep it close to her heart but also cherish this amazing gift for lifetime you can use Jewelry for surprise gifts for Engagement, Surprise Gifts for Anniversary or for Marriage surprises. And while looking for jewelry online, make sure that you buy all the jewelry from trusted and authentic store.

Wrist Watch/Smartwatch

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When it comes to gives or your sister something of utility, watches are elegant gifts option on this occasion. You can buy beautiful or stylish watches from our collection as per your sister preference and give it to her on Raksha Bandhan. And if you want to send it her to online, check it out from our inventory as we have a stylish collection of watches.

Photo Frames

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Photo frame will be a heart touching gift option for your sister that she will surely love as photo frame is an amazing way to revive old memories of you two.One the one hand Photo frame makes you nostalgic and make you remember all the moments and beautiful time that you have spent together, while on the other it helps in keeping the best memories of you two, safe forever.You can busy any frames of your choice and by adding some sister quotes and beautiful picture of you too, you can give it to her on this occasion.You can also personalize the message as per your choice.

Chocolates/ Chocolate Bouquet

Almost all the girls like chocolates and it’s your duty to compliment your sister on Raksha Bandhan. Choose her a favorite chocolate that she loves the most. You can also customize a bouquet of chocolates and surprise her with this fantastic gift.

For Your Fashionista Sister

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Women never say no to shopping and a women can never have enough cloths to wear. We always think that shopping is the solution, no matter what the problems are. You can give you Fashionista Sister a perfect dress on this occasion. To help you to save, we are running a good discount on this Raksha Bandhan session, so that it doesn’t weigh too much on your pocket.

Magazines Subscription

If your sister loves to read about entertainment, fashion or latest trends, giver her a kindle subscription or magazines subscription, which she is bound to enjoy throughout the year. Pick any of the subscription of your preferred language and giver it to her on this festive session.

Flowers Bokeh

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Flowers can make anyone cheer up with joy and happiness, and to some extent we all accept it. Take a box of chocolates along with her favorite flowers. We at surprise cart help you to get discounts on your flower shopping. We have numbers of flowers in our inventory such as Tulips, Lilies, Peony etc. A bokeh of flower with a box of Ferrero Rocher, will surely make her day.

For The Chai/ Coffee Addict

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We have found a perfect gift for her, if your sister is a coffee or chai lover. Give her a coffee gifts voucher along with personalised coffee mug. Every time when she takes a sip, she won’t stop thanking you and remembering you.

Music Album

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Music has a power to heal and if your sister is music freak, we bet, music album is best choice of gifts for your sister this Raksha Bandhan. Be ready to surprise her with the favourite music album of one of his favourite pop stars, which will surely make her day.

Personal Appliances

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During this pandemic time, personal appliances has serves as one of the most popular Raksha Bandhan gifts. And it’s time for you thinking to gift one of these appliances to your sister.She will surely love the care and thoughtfulness with which you bought the hair dryer, or any appliances for her.


Ladies loves fragrance, be it EDT (Esau De Toilette) or one made from any flower essence.They can use it on any occasion be it outing or any function, and they will mention you every time when someone praise the fragrance coming out from her.

Restaurant Gifts Card

Does your sister love to Dine out? If yes! Then This Raksha Bandhan you can gift her a restaurant gift card, that can surely be one of the best gifts, which your sister can use and overuse to continue her eating errand.

Shagun Gifts Card

It happens many times that you and your sister have different taste of things and a completely different look towards life, but it doesn’t change the fact that you love each other.
However buying her something, which she wouldn’t accept wholeheartedly, won’t make any sense as your sole task on this special day is to do anything that keep her happy. We ask you to let her lead life in her own way and let her choose her own gift according to her taste. All you can do is that gift her a Shagun Gift a card from Amazon or Flipkart.

Cushion Cover

Cushion plays an important role in decorating your rooms, as well as also play a comfort factor. You can use it; in the way you want to use. Abd gifting it to your sister on Raksha Bandhan will be a great option. You can pamper your lazy sister by buying her a cute cushion with cover. If she ever feels unhappy, she might hug it, and when she is tired, she will rest her head on it.
There are wide collection of cushions covers you can choose from, and we help you to find best cushion cover for you.

Personalised Diaries

Girls loves to keep secret and so does your sister, and Diary could be a safeguard place for her to keep her secret. A beautiful diaries could take this beautiful place.Such unique gifts reflect your level of understanding, and imply the care and affection you have for her.

Printed T-shirt

The graphic tees with funny and cute quotes written on them are really in things now and your sister would absolutely love to have them. Select a quote that suite her persona and is also feels comfy and cool. There is also a pair if t-shirt available for brother andsister. That would also be a pleasant surprise for her. You can wear it together on Rakhi.

Bluetooth Speaker

Gift your sister, a nice Bluetooth speaker to let her enjoy her favorite music all day long, without any ads. It’s a perfect gift for the sister who loves music. With the speaker, you both can seat together and listen to music’s. As Bluetooth speaker are available in different sizes and feature, thus the choice should be based on the feature, and could be a perfect gift for her.

Fitbit Band

If your sister is gym and fitness freak, Fit bit will be a great option for her. If your sister is someone whose days start with morning exercise and gym, then this wearable tech would prove super useful for her. Fit bit will tell her about her heart rate, daily calories lost, distance traveled, and thus prove to be perfect partner to her on her fitness journey.


To adorn your sister room, showpiece are timeless gifts for her. It is one the best gift that signifies the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Showpieces are available in different shape, sizes and design. Gift her a showpiece that is symbolic of the bond of brother and sister. It will always remind her of you, whenever you were staying away from home. Check Out some ultimate surprise gifts online with surprise gifts.

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