Are you just married, and excited about the beginning of new journey together as a couple? Well, we understand the spark of romance within you.  Then you might be thinking about the way by which you can make your first night memorable. And we believe that you should not lose this opportunity to create such special moments with your partner.  We have sort listed first night gifts ideas for husband and wife that will surely turn your special moments into unique and will create a magic moment of love.

gifts are always considered as emblem to show love to or beloved ones. And especially when you are beginning a new phase of life together, it’s very important to let them know that how important they are for you. Now, go through this blog and know all the tricks and tactics which can help you to create a magical moment between you and your partner with these 1st night gift ideas.
Be it husband or wife, or together to a couple, these first night gift ideas will surely bring in spark.

First Night Gift Ideas for wife / her:

1. Best Wife Board


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Women’s love compliments and a unique form of praising on her first night will surely make the moments special. Let her know that she is exceptional and the best. And if you are someone who has met your wife recently, then this gift will make a long-lasting impression on her.  

2. Personalize Chocolates


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Women’s love chocolates and to some extent we all loves it. Giving a customized and personalized handcrafted chocolates can be the best idea. And especially if you wife loves chocolates, this can be a perfect gift for her.

3. Personalize Cushion

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A cushion set with Mr and Mrs, or with the names of you partner on it can be quite memorable. Print a customized set and gift it to your wife.

4. Painting

Be it Lord Ganesh painting or Radha-Krishna painting, you can gift a frame and canvas to your wife of her beloved God. Most often couple prefer Radha – Krishan painting. These first night gifts ideas are like cheering for new life ahead.

5. Calligraphed Wedding Vows


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You may have formally heard about wedding vow while getting married. But make it personalized by printing calligraphed wedding vows. You can even customize it and gift it to your wife on a special night. It will impress her and could be a best gift for wife on the first night.

6. Nightwear Set

Make your first night moments intimate by gifting your partner a beautiful silk nightwear set. These gifts of you can bring romance and will also enhance the bond between both of you at the same time. Women’s loves these unique gifts, which speak to themselves.  

7. Jewellery

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Jewellery are best gifts for women. Every woman like jewels, no matter what her style is. You can gift your wife an amazing necklace set. And if yours is love marriage, the jewels can signify how much of love you hold for her. And if yours is arrange marriage, jewels can signify security and promise that you are always there to take care of her.

8. Books

If your wife loves reading, get her a book that will capture her imagination. Buy her a series of some mysterious or mythological novel, that will match her taste. Choosing a book as a gift for your wife on her special day can be a special gesture. And if your budget allows, you can create a whole reading room or a reading corner at home to make her feel special. Are You Confused What to gift to your Fiance send surprise gifts for fiance with surprise cart.

9. Customized Bathrobe

You can gift your partner an embroidered bathrobe with her name on it. These are among the new fancy gifts which will make your women love and it can impress your wife on the first night.

10. Skin Care hamper

Most women like skincare products and hampers are combine with a bundle of products which create a great gift. Typically, this box contains a variety of products. This gift will perfectly work for couples who have had love marriage as such products are generally safe to gift. Try Surprise Cart Special – Surprises Gifts for Anniversary, Engagement Surprise gifts

FIRST Night Gift Ideas for Him / hUSBAND :

Here are the top 10, first night gift ideas for Husband:

1. Sneakers:

People says that bikes and shoes are first love for men. But getting your Husband a pair of sneakers on a special night can make him in awe. Your partner would surely appreciate such gesture of yours.

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2. Best Husband Certificate

Just like the best wife certificate, you can give a surprise gift to your husband, best husband framed personalized certificate. You can customize it and add wording by yourself. This gifts of yours would surely leave a long-lasting impression on your partner.

3. Wireless Headphone

Men’s love technology.  Gift your husband a latest piece of wireless headphones. They are budget-friendly and very meaningful when it comes to leave impact on someone heart.

 4. Fragrance

Gift your man a personalized scent fragrance, which will surely turn your environment more romantic. Just find out which kind of fragrance your man loves the most or choose out the which brand is trending in the market, and gift it to him.

5. Fitness Band

The new era is all about fitness and health and as a result most men love to keep their fitness up with latest gadgets. Gifting a newest model of fitness tracker to your husband can make his day. A healthy mind and body can enhance your relationship. Hence, this gift can be the most loved gift for your husband on the first wedding night. Also a good options for loves who wants to give a surprise gift to their lovers.

6. Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are always the trendiest and favourite gift for men from ages. It has always topped the list as a unique present and it can be given to your husband as well. He will surely love it. So you can send or give surprises to their friends like this also and if you are still confused about gifts What to Send ?? Try Surprise Cart Surprise gifts Online solutions.

7. Honeymoon Package

A honeymoon package as a present on first night can make your partner day. Newly married couples love to spend time with each other and this small package of your can surely will be the most loved gift. Don’t Forget Are you Confused What to Give?? Send Surprise Gifts For Marriage with Surprise Cart.

8. Handwritten Letter

Note down on a paper that you much you love him or even you can get a crafted handwritten letter. This is a unique way to express love. There is nothing like a personalizing note as it gives a lifelong memory to your partner.

9. Gym equipment’s

Men are very obsessed about fitness these days. If your budget allows you then you can make your husband happy by gifting him new gym equipment’s to his personal gym. And if he does not care about his health, try gifting him a treadmill which can help him to start a healthy lifestyle.

10. Couch

If your men spend most of his time watching lots of drama and web series, then gifting him a couch can take him to cloud nine. It’s a cute way to show your love.


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