Corporate Gift Ideas For Employee on Diwali – Working From Home

Diwali is celebrated every year in the autumn by millions of people across the globe. Diwali is one of the most significant festival in Indian culture. It is favorite and the most celebrated Indian festival worldwide. This beautiful festival of light celebrates the new beginning and the triumph of good over evil. It is good gesture as well as tradition to exchange gift on Diwali. When Diwali approaches, people started scratching their head that what to gift their dear ones.corporate gift for employee is a common for all and every organization wants to add some more sweetness with their employees on festivals.

In the corporate sector, it is important to make your employee felled that they are valued and cared. You must shower your employee from time to time with gift and goodies. It will nurture and robust your professional relationship with them. And Diwali is an auspicious occasion ad also an excellent instance for corporate gifting.

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If you are gifting something to your employee on this Diwali, then make sure that it is meaningful and worth memorable. At a same time, it also maintains the forma code of conduct.

At SurpriseCart online gifts , we have enlisted top 15 Corporate Gift Ideas which you can gifted to your employee on Diwali this year.

1. Dry Fruit Basket

One of the most favourite Diwali gifts is assorted dry fruits basket. They are traditional and elegant looking gift options as well as full of health benefits. They are pretty easy to distribute and transport and they can be stored easily. Which make them suitable for corporate gifting purpose.

2. Customize gift hampers

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If you want to make your employee a little extra special, we have an excellent idea for you. You can create a gift hamper by curating a few combinations for your employee. It can have movie tickets, office essential item, gift voucher. Put it on the desk and let your employee choose the surprise bag randomly.

3. Desk Essential Combo

Now a days people started spending a considerable time in their workplace. You can gift them unique, and elegant looking office essential on Diwali which ca improve the vibe of their workplace. It can conclude Metal pens, professional notebook, digital organiser. You can easily compile these items and create a Diwali hamper for them.

4. Plants

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We believe that everyone like Bonsai tree. They are cute, beautiful and are a great addition to any indoor garden. There are many option when it comes to gift plants to their employee such as Juniper, cedars elms, pins etc. Having a Bonsai or any other plant on the desk would surely give your employee a feeling of freshness and help them keep up a wood mood.

5. Sweet

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Diwali is time when friend and families come together and have sweets. It is a part of celebration. From Ladoos, Rasgulla, to soan papdi to kaju barfi, the ranges o sweet options are just huge. Giving a basket full of sweet is a great way to add sweetness and joy to their celebration.

6. Kitchen Appliance

Kitchen essential and home electronics appliance are common corporate gift in India on the occasion of Diwali. You can gift your employee a kitchen gadget such as coffee machine, air fryer, or a toaster which will upgrade their kitchen. These gifts are considered as auspicious during Diwali and also goodwill at home.

7. Work from Home Furniture

corporate gift ideas

From the time when work from home begin the norm, gifting your employee a comfortable work from home furniture is a thoughtful way to ensure that your employee doesn’t face any hassle and they remain productive. A good set of furniture can help your employee to stay organised, focus.

8. Gift Card

Gift Card is a perfect corporate gift for all season. Gift offer a flexibility of choice to your employee, and they can use it according to their need and interest. Moreover, you can plan and execute your Diwali gift with a suitable vendor by making direct delivery of gift card to your employee’s inbox’s.

10. Books

A good book have a power to open up your mind and they can inspire you to do something. It will he you to improve your vocabulary and it will also make you learn about things that may come handy in the real world. So, this Diwali you can gift out some e-books to your employee who love reading.Don’t behave as an employer behave as a friend because when he or she receive a surprise gift from friends then it’s increase the happiness by many fold.

11. Scented Candle

Scanted candles is one of those special gifts which perfectly suit the theme and mood of the Diwali celebrations. They can elevate your mood and will exterminate anxiety. Sending these items as Diwali gift to your staff will let them know that you care about their well-being.

12. OTT Subscription

Due to COVID-19 cases, stepping outside your safe zone would be very risky. And also, movies halls are opened with limited availability with lots of limitation. But doesn’t mean that you have to cut down the fun and entertainment part of your life. Hence gifting your employee with a subscription of some online platform such as Netflix, Hot star, etc is a could option.

13. Smartwatch

Gifting your employee a branded smartwatch will surely leave them stunned to the core. You can get a smartwatch which is packed with various cool feature such as health monitoring, step tracker, heart rate checker, Bluetooth call and many more. If possible, you can engrave with the logo of your company on the watch which will make your corporate friend proud.

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15. Bonus/ Cash

People celebrate Diwali along with the Laxmi Puja. This festival is generally associated with prosperity wealth and money. You can send bonus cheque to your employee which is a great way to ring in the festival. Surprise gifts on festivals makes your loved ones more happy.

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