Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is celebrated on 25th of December every year on the birth occasion of Jesus Christ. It’s time when people share gifts and best wishes to their near and dear ones. People greet and meet with their loved ones with exciting gifts. Choosing a perfect gift for your loved one is a daunting task. And with so much of mess going on in 2021, we think that there should be no other reason for you to spend unnecessary time or money worrying about finding the perfect gift for your loved one on your list.

So, at Surprise Cart we did all the research and put all our top gifts and coverage in one place. We have covered the very best version of all popular Christmas gift ideas. We have also covered gifts for those who left it until the last minute. We have even rounded up all the popular gifts card for last minute gifting as well as bunch of nice virtual gifts.
So, whether you are looking for something which you can gift it to your cousin who have just started college, or to your dad, or to your child’s teacher, here is the guide of the best gifts for every single person on your list. And as always, if you really want to try actual surprise this time, you can try Surprise Cart. 

Wine Glass

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A nice looking wine glass can elongate the taste of good wine. And since he Christmas session is around, everyone will surely love to take a sip of their favourite wine. So, you can go for a nice set of wine glasses to elevate the experiences of your employee.

A Christmas Gift Hamper

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If you really want to make your employee happy this Christmas, you can give them a basket filled with various festive gifts. A hamper allowed you to pick multiple item at a same time, as you can add ,multiple time In a single hamper. Some items such as chocolates, coffee, marshmallows etc could be included in it.

Christmas Coasters for Dining Table

Honour this Christmas with a wide troupe of table coasters that are available in varied designs. Every coaster has an adorable design and depiction on it which is surely a perfect piece for any dining table. A fairly priced gift, Christmas coasters can be found on various online surprise gifts portals such as Amazon and Flipkart, surprise cart.

Unique Beer Equipment Set for Beer Guzzler

For the beer passionate on your list, consider gifting this useful Craft Beer kit. Carry your close one this kit that is fulfilled with all the necessities to make beer and they are sure to thank you. This equipment brews 2 gallons of beer that one can have fun till the last sip! Buy one for your special person today.

Greeting Card with LED Christmas Tree Hamper

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This Christmas, pick this gratifying gift hamper to send your loved ones. This unique hamper carries various items such as 1 Greeting Card and 1 Golden LED Christmas Tree. This could be great Christmas gift for your beloved and he/she would surely like this. You can also engraved some sweet Christmas message on it.

Get an Office Punching Bag

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Workout is really important for keeping up your health. Especially cardio exercises which increase your stamina. And punching out is one of the ebst exercise that could be done at a same time.  A punching bag would be a great stress reliver in a stressful situation which arise while working. So you can think of getting a punching bag as a gift for your employee this Christmas season.


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Reading a book can give you a whole new experience. It will broaden your respective as well as help you to improve your vocabulary skills. So this Christmas, you can plan to give a book to your employee which can help them to fill up their bookshelf

Pen Holder

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Losing a pen every time should be declared as natural human tendency. You remember how often you misplace your pen and later you borrow it from your colleagues? I think most of us would agree on Most often. Therefore, to save your employee form this problem, a pen holder as a gift option could be a good option.

A Bottle of Wine

If your budget is allowing you to get a good Christmas gift for your employee then you can think of to give them a nice bottle of wine. You can include it as an add-on in your Christmas basket that you will be giving to your employee. But before gifting them, make sure to check out about the employee that which employee loves wine and which are teetotaler.

Neck Pillow

It’s the top priorities of employer that to ensure the comfort of their employee if they are working from their home. So, suppose if your employee travels a lot due to work regularly, in that case you can gift them a neck pillow on this Christmas

Christmas Gifts for Employees Working from Home

Under the current scenario where mostly everyone is working from their home. In this case passing Christmas gifts to them could be daunting task. However, there are many options that you can try out. Moreover, you can tie up with Surprise Cart or any other gifting service provider to deliver tangible right to your employee doorstep.  Let’s start with some gifts options for your employee who are working from home.

OTT Subscription

A free subscription to any over the head or OTT platform could be best gifts that you can give to your employee this Christmas. OTT platform such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, HBOMax etc will be a bliss and this gift can enough to cheer up their holidays. You can go for other subscription such as paid courses, magazines which will further help them to learn something new.

Food Coupons

Amidst of pandemic and all the chaos, gifting a food coupon could be best way to help your employee to celebrate their Christmas. They can use this code to order food from any restaurants. This methos could be very cost effective and it also add flexibility to your employee gifting scheme.

Personalized Coffee Mug


A coffee mug is the dearest one out of all the accessories which you will find on an employee desk. Therefore, gifting each of your employee a personalized coffee mug with their name and some quotes printed on it could be a great option.

Comfortable Cushion

Sitting up on a chair for hours and working continuously is not easy at all. As employee often faced backaches and other muscles related problems. So, in order to help your employee and to mitigate their problems, you can gift your employee a comfortable cushion which can help them to seat comfortably while working continuously.

Noise Cancellation Earphone

An unwanted noise really makes the work difficult of your employee and especially when they are wrong from their home. Therefore, gifting your employee a good quality of earphone could be a welcoming thing. This will helps them a lot while working.


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