Birthday Surprise Ideas & Celebration

When you love someone, it’s pretty natural you do everything in your power to bring just a smile on their face. You want to do something unexpected to show how much they means to you especially if it’s their birthday. Birthdays are very perfect time to showcase your love towards them. Birthdays are meant to make them feel special and valued. You always aim to plan the most special birthday surprise for your beloved. Be it your husband, wife, boyfriends, girlfriends, if you truly love them, you would want to plan a unique Birthday Surprise Ideas to put a smile on their face.

A List of Pretty Surprise Gift Ideas

Finding a perfect birthday surprise idea is the difficult part. You have to take care of what they like and what they dislike or what they have always urged to have before planning anything. you see planning a surprise on birthday is very confusing and cumbersome. We at surprise cart understand your concerns but we do also know the joys of receiving a surprise gift because we have been providing surprise gifts to many customers and recording their happiness. Our goal is to give the best surprise ever to rejoice the celebration. We have come up with a list of some fun and creative birthday surprising ideas that is bound to make your beloved smile and cry in joy

Midnight Madness


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when it comes to your beloved birthday , you don’t sleep until you wish the person at 12 a.m. precisely right? The person at the other side feels even more special. So imagine what would be like if instead of just wishing, you plan a surprise birthday party at midnight!! Isn’t it astounding! Knock their door with a birthday cake in your hand at midnight and just wait to see their surprised and happy face. Assemble your team and organize a surprise party. Order surprise gifts and cakes online overnight from surprise cart to make it more special. We have a wide collections of perfect surprise gifts and delicious cakes. Choose the most perfect gift and the cake and we will try our best to deliver it at the right time and at the right place. Also make sure not to drop a hint to the surprise party because it might ruin your plan

Send a Customized Cake


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Cake cutting is a necessary and the most awaited moment in a birthday celebration .The type of cake you arrange shows how much you know your partner and how much you value their choices, so indeed you need to be extra careful while picking a cake for your beloved’s great day. Make your beloved’s day extra special and exciting with customized cakes . turn your most lovable memory photo into a delectable surprise placed on top of your beloved’s favorite cake. Order and send best customized cakes online with surprise cart and make your beloved’s birthday unforgettable.

Arrange a Outside Dinner

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If the birthday recipient hates to celebrate birthday with crowds of people. Then a surprise dinner night might please him/her. Plan a surprise dinner date at a restaurant of your beloved’s choice. Arrange the dinner, design the decorations. If possible arrange for some music and dance. Prepare for their favorite dishes. Serve the food yourself to show how much you respect and appreciate them. Enjoy an intimate and a lovely dinner time with the birthday boy/girl. Try to have a no tech evening to enjoy it fully.


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surprise the birthday girl or boy with some crazy and funky birthday clocks. Customize these birthday wishes wall clocks with your favorite memory photo and add a birthday wish or any special message. The creative design imprinted on it makes it more alluring. Customize your birthday wishes wall clock , add fancy designs to make it more attractive with surprisecart and get the most high quality and durable clocks online.

Plan a Picnic

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a picnic is all about spending some quality time with your loved ones. If your loved one is not among the party animals, then planning a picnic will be a perfect idea to celebrate their birthday. Pick a place where you both feel comfortable. It may be some place full of lovely memories or a place full of flowers and a nearby lake or river to give it a natural and intimate look. Arrange for food that is easy to carry around with like sandwiches, sliced fruits, chips. Have a no tech picnic to make it more memorable.

Decorate a Room or Hall

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surprise your beloved with a grand birthday décor. This is the perfect chance to express your emotions for them . Add the element of the party with helium balloons, led lights and much more creative decorating ideas with surprise cart. Browse through our site to get the most amazing and enchanting birthday décor options and order with us to enjoy the make the most memorable birthday with your loved ones.

Record a Message on Radio or Display on a Channel

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Arrange a shout out on the radio with a sweet birthday message. This sweet little attempt will make them feel how much you value them . just fill out the info, specifying details like who it is for and for what occasion and record your message . And we will arrange for a shout out on your beloved’s birthday. Make sure they tune in at the right time to enjoy the special message.

Cook Something on Home Loved by Birthday Girl or Boy

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a surprise homemade dinner or lunch on their birthday is the most effective way to show how much you adore someone. Plan a surprise dinner or lunch for birthday girl/ boy and cook yourself. Don’t forget to include their favorite drinks brands and deserts. Decorate the dinner table to make it look classy.

Gift a Movie Ticket

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Nowadays people don’t have the time to watch movies in theaters and spend time with their loved ones. Plan an untimely surprise for your friend or your family members with a movie night and give them the opportunity to spend some time with their loved ones after all a movie night at a theater is all about spending some precious moments with your loved ones .check out movie ticket gift selection from our site and gift the birthday boy or girl a movie night.

Fly in a Long Distance Friend or Family Member

if you live far away from your beloved birthday friend or family member then what’s more special for them than having you on their birthday. Why wait book a ticket and fly immediately to the long distant friend or family member ,wish them in person and experience the joy of the recipients reaction. Having you travelled such a long distant just for their birthday will make them feel exceptionally special

Place a Special Surprise Gift on Workplace

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A busy office work day in your birthday is the worst experience ever. Make their workday a little less boring by adding the element of surprise gift in their workplace. Make them feel how much you care for their well being . book a surprise gift today with surprise cart and place a special surprise gift on their workplace. let them know how much are you looking forward to celebrate their big day with them by surprising them with surprise cart.

Birthday Cards

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A birthday card is a fascinating idea to wish a loved ones birthday. wish them happy birthday by sending them your personalized birthday cards. Choose from variety of card templates and personalize it with their photos , birthday wishes or sweet messages . send them online or take out a print and send them with surprise cart. We have bright and fun designs, classic designs , lovely floral designs suitable for your friend, family members or your loved ones. Send then now or schedule a birthday card in advance to give them a cute surprise gift with surprise cart.

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