Best Ways to Surprise Your Fiance – Courtship GIft Ideas

Engagement is metamorphosis from partner to spouse. It’s a time when you have found the right one and got engaged You are a step closer to a lifelong commitment. It’s time when you both are getting closer, understanding each other, and officially you have your family’s permission to spend time together. You both speaks on call for hours, go out on a dinner date, and the moment you get back your home, you start missing them like you have not meet with each other since many years. This is the time when you continuously want to tell each other that how much you love each other, sometime through words and sometime through surprises and gifts. And finding out unique gifts for your fiancé is definitely a task. But you have landed in the right place, Surprise cart guide you through the process and help you to find the best courtship period gift.

Courtship gifts are memorable and often cherished for life, so make sure to make it meaningful and romantic. You can turn your courtship period into most romantic phase of your life with awesome gifts. Surprise cart offer you hundreds of unique gifts for your fiancé which is handcrafted, personalized and conceptualized.

Personalised Gifts: If you have just made your relationship official with a ring exchange, personalized gift will work as panacea into your relationship. You can capture all the memories of your relationship and encapsulate them in the form of unique gift.

Romantic Gift: More then 80%of women believe that courtship period is more romantic than any other phase in the relationship. Use this phase to build a romantic foundation for your marriage life. Fill it by most romantic and unique gifts.

Top 20 unique gifts & Ideas for your fiancé

Personalized video message

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A personalized message from your fiancé favorite personality will leave her awe and struck. They would surely love to share it with their friends and loved ones and social media. All you have to do is to choose favorite singer of her, book them through different websites and you are good to go. The link of video message will be sent to you by mail and you can download it on phone or laptop. Apart from singer, video message of sport personality, TV starts, models, actor and much more are available. Book this unique gift and make your fiancé surprised.

Handcrafted Paper Portrait

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Everyone love story is unique, and so is yours. Capture your one-of-a-kind love story through crafted paper portrait. Celebrate your memorable day with your fiancé in a beautiful, meaningful way by recreating your moments together. This gift will surely bring a huge smile on your fiancé face when she unwraps this memory of the two of you.

Love Note

Handwritten letters always kept a special place in the heart of couples. Many times, it’s happened that we are unable to express our feelings to our partner verbally, no worry. Just penned it down whatever you felt about your partner, add some romantic shayari to it and send it to her with a rose. This will surely melt her. You can take help of professional writer too.

Cheese board

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Cheese is not just food, it’s a way of life. No matter what the occasion is, this beautiful cheese board plater is a perfect gift option if your fiancé loves to cook. So if you are also looking for a Exciting surprise gifts for fiance then don’t forget to list this item in your bucket and make your fiance face smile.

Personalized news paper

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Gift your fiancé a truly amazing personalized newspaper front page. All you have to do choose a newspaper name, headlines, photos and message which you want to convey. With it’s permanent print and great quality, it is long lasting and will surely make your partner awee. Really it could be a best option for your loved ones you can also consider this best if you are looking a surprise gifts for lovers. Just imagine how your lover will react when he or she will receive this ultimate surprise gifts from their lover.

Recorded Radio Show

Recorded radio show is now unique concept now a days which is highly in demand among couples. All you have to do is just share your details about the person you want to surprise- nature, funny, memories etc, a team will create a custom radio show just for two of you. The show will be recorded by professional voice over artist, and will be mailed to you so that you can play it on your mobile or audio system. Make your loved one comfortable, hit the play button and watch her laugh.

Magnetic Hang balance lamp

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This unique and beautiful magnetic hang balance lamp is a perfect gift for your fiancé if you are looking for something new. Magnetic lamp float in the air and when they reach a static equilibrium the light is turned on. Adopted design is such that the illuminating elements of the lamp is embedded into the frame so that light can find its way. So this item is very nice a compatible if you are looking a surprise gifts for marriage.

3D Coffee Mug

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Sculpted in the different shape and size, this 3D coffee mug is an ideal gift. This ceramic-built coffee mug will provide you a smashing cups of coffee for long. It can also function a stationary holder or a decorative piece for your desk. This beautiful item is very small in visual but sometime this plays an important role in your life to make relation longer and Stronger so you can also use this if you want to get a surprise gifts for anniversary.

Reindeer Lamp


When you combine a glass bottle with some piece of wood, what would it be? You will get a reindeer lamp. Charged via USB cable, it will give your room a pleasing and attractive look. With the stand in place, the bottle can be placed on the shelves and the tables to complete the set. This could be a perfect gift for your fiancé on her birthday. you can send this gift for all ages and group people and send as a surprise gifts for birthday.

Personalised Spotify plaque

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Gift a favourite song to your loved ones. Add Personalized Spotify plaque with your love’s one’s favorite song, your names and images. Every time when your partner listens this song, this will make her memories of you. And when this personalized beauty will be there, she will play her favorite song on loop. no issue if you are confused and searching for a surprise gift for friends then you can gift your friends on some special days.

Beating Heart Wall clock

Have you ever counted your heartbeats and have realized the importance of beating heart? Well, this beating heart wall clock can do both. The heart beating every second is your call to appreciate your life and to understand the importance of time in every instance. Clock with illusionary effect of heart beating will be a great choice for your fiancé as it will tell her that your heart beats only for them.

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Nap Head pillow

If your fiancé spends most of her time while traveling, this head pillow will surely be a perfect gift for her. We all have been victim of long and exhausting journey whether it’s an hour journey of bus or metro or a long journey of flight. This blindfold nap head pillow doze off easily and shut out all the light.

Mosaic Candle Holder

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Rejuvenating your home with mosaic candle holder is good idea. This beauty will take you down to a shimmering lane. Made from the high-quality glass material and hand coated with crackle work, it will give an amazing look. All you have to just light a wax Diya inside, and let the beauty glass piece shine out. This perfect gift will surely a perfect gift for your fiancé.

Makeup Kit

If you are looking for something which is unique in itself, makeup kit would be perfect. This kit is carefully curated to give you the finest in beauty. The makeup kits basically come with the mini lipstick set, mini blush, highlighter, a mascara, pocket mirror and many more. This perfect chose will convey that how much you take care of her skin and how much you love her.

Semi-precious earring studs

Jewellery are women best friend and women never say no to jewellery. Giving your fiancé an earring or jhumka will probably be thanking you’re for the rest of their lives. Jewellery makes the perfect gift for birthday, anniversaries, and other events. With wide range of collection of jewellery, you can make your fiancé surprise. You Can also Gift this if you are looking a Surprise Gift For wife.

Coffee Hamper

A coffee basket is filled with love, sweetness and flavours. Packed with cream and cashew, premium coffee, a premium chocolate bar and a ceramic mug, this is an ultimate hamper for your partner if she loves brew like anything.

Ganesh Ji lantern

Made of handcrafted paper, this adorable Ganesh lantern will add a sophisticated yet festival feel to your home. It can be used as part of Diwali gift set. This lantern will set the perfect ambience. This festival seasons gift it to your fiancé and make it memorable. On festivals you can list this item as a surprise gifts for festival for all friends , family & relative suits to all age group person.

Wedding Countdown Frame

Is your fiancé is busy in checking off days on his calendar in the final countdown of the wedding days? It’s time to show your love to the one who makes your heart skip a beat. This beautiful wooden wedding board with frame will surely make your fiancé to be in love with you. The beauty of this gift is that you can write the number of days left till the wedding day with chalk on the board. Don’t Forget to Get some awesome surprises on marriage gifts.

Health Insurance

If you are looking something unique, then this time don’t waste your money on flowers or cake, gift your fiancé something substantial. Gift her a Health Insurance from numbers of options available online. This gift will work as shield against any vulnerable diseases. A health insurance with a thankful letter, will not only show how much of love and care you hold for your partner but also show your intellect level.

Cake with Flower Bokeh

When nothing works, you got out of ideas and don’t have enough time to plan something unique for your fiancé, then this most common gift among all “cake with flower bokeh” will come to rescue you. This option will never get old and always kept a special place in the category of gift. But make sure that flower as well as cake, both should be of your fiancé favorite one.

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