Baby Naamkaran GIft Ideas – Unique Gift Idea’s For Naming Ceremony

Naamkaran is a naming ceremony in Hinduism. Naamkaran has been termed from Sanskrit word in which ‘naam’ means ‘Name’ and ‘Karan’ means to create or to effect. This ceremony is often performed to choose the name of the new-born’s and celebrated with family and friends. So people also looking curious to know about the Naamkaran gift ideas that can make this moment memorable.

According to Hindu tradition, this ceremony is performed within a few weeks of baby’s birth. The Eleventh or Twelfth day after the birth of a baby is considered as most auspicious day for this ceremony. Some people choose the day based on their religious guru’s advices. Naamkaran may also be held on any day after the 10th day or before the baby’s first birthday.

At SurpriseCart, we have enlisted gifts ideas for the purpose of Naamkaran ceremony which could be helpful for you.

Toys to enrich the playtime

Baby Naamkaran GIft Ideas

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While a child grow, he/she experiences lots of changes during this phase. Hence it is very necessary to choose right kind of toys and games, because it helps in child’s mental and physical growth. Intellectual toys like puzzle and stack solving help in incorporating reasoning skills, musical toys like guitar and violin are something which can keeps them entertained for hours.
You can also find huge variety of soft toys which will surely be a cool gift for children.

Bath toys for child

Baby Naamkaran GIft Ideas

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Bath time is another interactive phase between the parents and baby during the growth years. At, we have enormous range of bath accessories such as body care products and bath sling. With these type of gift ideas, you will always get the best baby naming day gifts.

Baby gear gifts filled with designs

A child needs a proper amount sleep apart from all the fun and activity which helps in their growth. Hence, we have brought cradles and bassinets which will comfort baby during crying. Also, you can check other bedding products such as bed covers, pillows, blankets and many more which could be surely be a perfect Naamkaran gift. If you are in confusion what to send then you can also book surprise gifts online with surprise cart.

Silver Keepsakes

It is tradition in Hindu culture to give silver jewellery to a new-born. Anklets of Silver, bangles and silver bowl or spoon are perfect gift for Naamkaran occasion which could be a perfect gift for a baby and it will also remind them of you for few years.

Cot Mobile

Babies are fond of music and cot mobiles will keep them entertained for hours while they are lying on cot.  It also helps them in development of sense as well. Choose any of the cot mobile according to colours and soothing music. this is a perfect gift for baby birthday surprises very engaging and most liked by the newborn baby.


Cradle is also a perfect gift option for new-born if baby is someone who is close in your family. But make sure with the parents that if that have already zeroed in on something or they have brought it already.

Diaper Bag

A stylish diaper bag filled with diapers, baby wipes, a box of tissues paper, a diaper rash creams, a changing mat, and sanitizers. This hamper would be surely be appreciated by the new mothers.

Customized hampers

There are numerous gifts hamper available in market and you can create your personal one. A baby soaps, shampoos, baby lotion, wipes, baby powder, massage oils, towels etc. could be a great gift hamper for Naamkaran ceremony. A set of bibs, wash clothes, teethers etc could also make a great basket.

Stuffed toys

Stuffed toys are always a suitable option available for bay gifting. You can choose a large bear, monkeys, fishes, or whatever catches your fancy.


We know that baby is too young to read something, but her parents will surely appreciate when you gift some story books and rhymes etc. to read at bedtime. You can choose a book with cloths pages especially design for infants. 3D books with mythological stories and musical book are also a good option.


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