Are You Away From Home on Festivals? Know What to Do Alone

Festival brings a homecoming message that leave people quite excited and happy. Friends and family come together and they celebrate the festival together. It strengthened the bond. But if you are away from home & your family this festive season, you might be in riddle. There could be numbers of reason that hinder your path when it comes to visit your hometown and celebrate festival with family. It might get you little sad. However, do not ruin your mood and bring your spirit down this festival. You can spruce up your celebration by doing something special at your home. 
At Surprise Cart, we have listed out some unique way, by which you can celebrate your festival at home without your family around and you can still light up your festive mood.

Perk up your mood

Preparation of festival often start before its arrival. Now, you might not be at your home with your family to celebrate the festival. But you can follow the traditions of festival by starting with cleaning the house. It is a good way to start the preparation of a festival. Cleans up your place and remove all the unnecessary objects that are taking too much space. Once you are done with cleaning, now make a list of things which are required for festival. Then picked up your phone and start online shopping and purchase all the things which are required for festival. This list could include lights, cloths, food item, sweet, incense stick etc. In addition to this, you can start decorating your room too by some purchasing a light that can be hung. It will renovate your place and give it a soothing feel.

Try Your Hand in Cooking

Bring your home the spirit of Festival by trying out the traditional delicacies that your family use to make. It might be a little tough to spend the festival without family, but you can always lace up your festival at home by turning an ace in the kitchen. Lean some recipes that how to make kheer, pakora, and if possible, order some sweet from outside. Prepared a food and spread it like it was prepared way back at your hometown or at your parents’ place.  It could be surely a nostalgic experience. If possible, make sure that your family get to see how well you have managed to decor your place this festival season still when you are far from home.  In case you are unable to cook anything special, there is always an option to order foods online. But make sure that your dinner table fills with treats on the day of festival.

Connect with your family on Video calls

Technology has made our live easier. Now a days, not only festival even birthday, events promotions, are celebrated online in the company. Due the COVID-19 pandemic, video calls have become the best way to connect with families and close friends. You could plan a slew of festival treat that your used to eat at your home with your family. By this way, you can get a feel that you are celebrating the festival at your home with your family member. It would surely be a wholesome experience, not only for you but for your family member too. Further you can connect with another member on group call too.

Decorate Your Current Residence

You might not be available at your home or with your loved ones on the festival day, but you can always bring the spirit of festival
at your place. You can even surprise yourself with Surprise Cart. You can visit some online shopping app and purchase the LED lights
and lantern. Lighting your house with different colours of LED bulb will rejuvenate your place. Yellow light brings positivity to
your home which you can feel as you start hanging those light up. And when your family came to know that you are celebrating festival
in the way you use to celebrate it at home, it will bring a huge smile on their face.

Try to Find some Nearby friends who can Join you

If you are away from your family then find a friend who are close to your and live in vicinity of you. celebrating festival with your
close buddies could be a great way to celebrate your festival away from your home. After all Friend are the family, you choose. People generally visit their friend place on the festival days. You can visit your friend place to celebrate festival. Since theses
festival season are last for weeks, you can divide your days and time to ensure that you hang out with all your friends. Trying to
reserve out some time for online video call with your family member too. Either one Exciting festival surprises are awaiting to send by you to you friends.

Send Some Surprises to your Loved Ones

Festivals brings happiness and so does Surprise. If you are home alone and couldn’t find any better way to make your festival
worth remembering, you can try out Surprise Cart. You can order a package from us, and we will send you something which is worth
remembering and will surely made your festive day memorable. You can even surprise you friends through Surprise Cart and amaze them
with totally unknown surprise. So don’t think more just take a moment and make this memorable with surprises online with surprise cart.

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Make a plan to visit any Resorts or hotels where they celebrate festivals

If you are alone at home, and didn’t find a way to celebrate the festival, try to find out the Resort or hotels nearby you who celebrate festival at their place. You can even plan a long weekend there and make your festival memorable.

Pick out the finest attire for Diwali celebration at home

When festivals come, it is time to add some new ethnic wear to your wardrobe. You must visit to bazar and try out some new ethnic wear for yourself. But that might be a risky option right now due to COVID-19 upsurge, but you can always choose online website for shopping and to get best ethnic wear. Surprise your family with your new purchase and let them know that you are doing fine even you are not with them on the festival day. They would surely be quite happy to see a huge smile on your face.

Plan A short trip

If you are unable to reach home on festival days, you still can leave the city and celebrate the festival with nature. Make a long weekend and go to some hill station nearby. If you are too late to book any hotels then you can look out for hostel and homestay in that locality. Home stay in some offbeat location, will show you a new culture that how people at other place celebrate festival in their own way. You can go for solo hiking or you can go for camping too.

Host a party

No matter where who reside, you will find at least one person, whom you know whether from earlier or have become close friend of you. If you are alone at home, host a party at your home and call your friend over your place. If it is not possible to host a party, get invited yourself to someone house, so that you can keep loneliness aside. If you live with your flatmates, truing it to celebrate it with them. Decorate your place with light and have a movie marathon at your home. Also if you are not able to do then so one small thing recommended by surprise cart send a surprise gift for your friend.

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