A List Of Top 20 Plants for Gifts

Have you ever been confused and figure out what to gift someone on a special occasion? Or you are looking for a unique way to express your love for your beloved? I think giving plant as a in the gift is perfect for any occasion. The best thing about plant for gifts is their versatility. When you gifted a plant to someone, basically you gift them a life. It conveys them that you trust them with the responsibility of nurturing something. And this in turn, will bring you closer. Plants are non-perishable and it will keep you alive memories of recipients. For people who haven’t tried their hand in gardening, plant also gave them a motivation to develop a new and wonderful hobbies. And if the person to whom you are gifting it has a passion of gardening, then there is number of options. Considering all things, the idea of gifting plant is definitely a worth try.

A list of Top 20 plants for Gifts which could be a Great Gifting Option

1.Snake Plant or Sansevieria Zeylanica

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If you are gifting plants to someone and you don’t have any plant experience, expert recommended the Sansevieria, also known as snake plant. While most of the plants release oxygen only when they are photosynthesizing, the snake plant actually release oxygen all the times, which means they are great for enhancing your home air quality as well as they are very easy to maintain. It’s pretty much indestructible, so it’s built someone confidence and make sure they are going to be set up for success. you can plan to give this plant as a surprise gifts for anniversary or surprise gifts for engagement this will fit to all your requirement.

2.Calathea ‘Medallion

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When it comes to gift plants to friends or your loved ones, Calathea Medallion is a good option. Calathea are nicknamed Prayer plants because, like hands folded in prayer, there leaves actually open and close throughout the day, depending upon the time and the light they are receiving. And this quality makes them particularly special. These plants don’t require high maintenance as they need to be watered only about once every seven to ten days (depending upon light). Since calathea are completely nontoxic and considered pet safe, they are the good option for friends with cats or dogs. Plants are best gifts for your loved ones if you looking to send online surprise gifts.

3.Costa Farms ZZ Plant

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Another great option when it comes to gift plants is ZZ plants. ZZ plants are native to Africa, and hence they are used to period of floods and drought, so they are really drought tolerant. It’s a great option for someone who forget to water for a week. When compared to sansevieria which might be a better fit for a modern style home, ZZ seems to be a softer plant aesthetically, with these really beautiful, glossy lobed leaves. This plant requires very little care to thrive as it can survive without direct light. With deep green leaf, this plant could be a best gift option for person who travel a lot as it only has to watered once a month. Are Looking to surprise gifts for birthday for someone special ?? then gift this plant and make his or her healthy.

4.Pothos ‘Jade’

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One of our favourite plants for gifting purpose is Pothos which is both easy to care and a good introduction to learning the language of plants.It doesn’t require a lot of experience to know when to watered pothos as it leaves have visible wilt when thirsty. Unlike other plants there is no need to touch the soil to get a feel for the moisture level. These plants are super hardy as they bounce back right away, which means they will pop up and looks like more likely again after a good watering. Gifting it to someone bring confidence in gift recipient, as it shows them that they are doing the right things. Mostly you can surprise your friends by gift this plant on special days.

5.Hoya Carnosa Rope Plant

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Hoya plant could be a great option for intermediate level gift. As it can tolerate some dry time but will need more attention when compared to ZZ or sansevieria. The hoya is a flowering plant with the most amazing flowers, but it’s a slow grower. It is best for parents who don’t need instant gratification to boost up their confidence. It makes them learn to keep patience as it takes a while to bloom, but once they do, they are rally amazing.

6.Dino Plant

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A weird and awesome houseplant Dino plant, is pretty much a living fossil. This really strange species is known for its ability to lie dormant for years without getting watered and then quickly come back to life. Peoples call it a resurrection fern, because it will look like a tumbleweed, when it dries up completely. And when you submerge it in water, it opens up and become a living plant again.

7.Bonsai Plants

Bonsai plants is considered to be wonder which comes in a small package. If you are confused what to gift to your loved one on his/her special day, a bonsai could be a great choice. A bonsai tree potted inside a ceramic pot, will surely adorn your garden or living room in exotic manner. This tree will surely lift your place mood here it is kept and add charms to the place. This is perfect for any place which need a dash of greenery. However, bonsai required a high level of care,

8.Money Plant

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If you are in ambiguity and not sure what to buy for beloved on his/her birthday, a beautiful money plant can serve your purpose. A common belief has come down that keeping a money plant at home bring good fortune. Gifting someone money plants is almost equivalent to presenting someone good luck. Money plant will add greenery to your office area as you can plant it there too.

9.Red Poinsettia

When it comes to gift a plant to your beloved or you want to décor your own home, a red poinsettia s an ideal gifting option. This beautiful plant enriches the beauty of the place where it is kept and add a sense of joviality and enthusiasm. To make it a gift which look ideal, a poinsettia plant which is around 12 inches high will be perfect. For best result, couple this plant in beautiful vase instead of pot. Celebrate Festivals with some natural gifts like plant to create a positive environment surround to your loved ones send some Surprise Gifts for Festivals by surprise cart.

10.Bamboo Plant

Are you scratching you head about what to gift to your partner? This double layered bamboo plant is the unique choice which will make your gift stand apart. For a beautiful look, pot the plant inside a transparent pot. This will be an ultimate gift for the one receiving it. It is a unique way to wish for the peace and well-being of your recipient. Moreover, bamboo is also considered to be lucky. Bamboo is believed to be a symbol of commitment. According to Vaastu it brings joy, fame, peace wealth and good fortune in your home.

11.Jade Plant

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Jade plant is popular indoor plant. This tress is also known by many names such as many trees, friendship tree, and lucky plants. This plant has its origin in South Africa and Mozambique. If you potted this plant inside an exotic pot, it will surely impart a redesigned appearance to your home. However, we will recommend you to experiment with the pot and make it look prettier in whatever pot you want.


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A beautiful gerbera plant will bring happiness and sunshine to the room where it is kept. Gifting someone a plant of gerbera is a great gesture. This quality which makes it different from other plant is that it sets a great time for the interior decor of your house.

13.Jasmine and Rose plant

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For those who loves flowers, this duo of a jasmine and rose plants is a perfect choice. This set of an aromatic rose and jasmine plant is a perfect gift for any occasion. It is sire that it will bring huge smile on the face of the lips of your loved ones. Not only this, but this duo plant is also very personal. It shows the recipients that you care about his/her choice.

14.Ixora Bloom

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Ixora Bloom is a perfect choice for that very special person in your life. There is no other plant then ixora bloom, which can convey the feeling of your heart. This plant can be used at both workplace as well as House. This plant conveys a springtime joy. Wrap a cool packaging around it and you are good to go.


Ferns are always special which you cannot overlook. A perfect combination of beauty and wilderness. Ferns can decor your house as well as workplace in an astonishing manner. Boston ferns look amazing when it is potted in a ceramic vase. It looks so magnificent that it is must have for your courtyard or your home. The arching foliage are such that it will surely arrest your attention and will enhance the beauty of your room. So you can decorate your friends house by this plant, so don’t wait send surprise gifts for friends with exciting offers on surprise cart.


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The Christmas cactus is a goluptious that make a great gift plant, with showy flower that appear in winter. Its impressive flowering appearance might make you assume that this is spofish plant, but in reality, it is not. It prefers bright and indirect light, and could be perfect gift option for the person who travel a lot as it doesn’t require too much of water. Though goluptious plants tend to be very drought tolerant, this cactus prefers a steady watering schedule, especially in winter during itsbloomingseason. You can hang it in container so that it limbs could be drape.


Orchid is a posterchild for fussy houseplant, which might be enough to make you believe that it is considered to be most beautiful flowering plants as a gift. Commercial orchid is easy to grow with only moderate attention. Orchid prefer moist and temperate condition, with indirect light. This plant requires a suitable condition and lots of attention to grow.


According to Vedas, keeping Tulsi plant at home removes negative energy and doshas. Tulsi plants hold a holy place in Hindu culture and also considered as medicinal plant. Keeping a Tulsi plant at home is quite beneficial as the leave of Tulsi radiate an enormous amount of oxygen. Gifting Tulsi plant could be a great option to those specially who are shifting in their new house, as according to Vaastu keeping Tulsi in north east direction of your house will bring positivity.


This beautiful yellow Chrysanthemum cultivate a feeling of satisfaction and confidence. It used as an offering and denotes life in ease. Buddhist believe this beautiful plant as to be a great gift option.


 Lavender, a plant with many culinary uses. This plant is also used as herb, and also make a stunning addition to perennial garden. With its silvery green foliage, shrub like form. lavender is ideal for creating informal hedges. Although Lavender is native to Mediterranean and have many varieties it, depending from flowers forms, colour and bloom time. It could be best gift option for your beloved one, if he/she love gardening.

So I Hope You Got some ideas and why to gift a plant then send online surprise gifts in India.

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