24 Gift Ideas For Kids Birthday Celebration

If you are looking for a child’s birthday surprise, then you are at the correct place , we have put together a fun list of birthday gift ideas for kids Birthday Celebration children and pin tables to help you create their dreamy birthday We believe that every birthday should be celebrated and honored with the importance it deserve. With the nuance and responsibilities of life, what a perfect reminder to stop, slow down and celebrate your life.

At Surprise cart we have put together a fun list of ideas to help you to create a magical birthday. Use this idea to spark your new one’s special days. It doesn’t cost a lot of money or it require big celebration to show someone just how special they are.
Our inventory is filled with lot’s of surprises for your child which you choose to make their day special.


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We all try to copy so hard those fancy design cake , but the truth is that most kids are happy with anything covered in frosting. Our inventory is filled with delicious and beautiful design cake which can not only make your child happy but make their day memorable. We have more then 50+ design of cakes such as Train, Barbie doll, cartoon , photo print cake etc. Let your child go nuts decorating it however they please. So if you loves to give surprises on birthday and wants to make your child’s face smile then they always loves to cut cake and enjoy a moment with their friends, So personalized cake can add some more memorable moments on this special day.

Educational Game Pack

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Learning is a great fun and learning through toys makes learning more fun. Everything from hand eye coordination to mathematics can be learned through toys. There is ocean of toys out there which make parents confuse when it comes to choose toys for there children. At Surprisecart, we make your work easy by creating a special space for educational toys for children. Phonics toys, Piggy Banks, Musical toys, building blocks set Playautoma explore worlds, chemistry labs, Geographical maps etc. We have number of such toys which could not only be a best gift for your kids but also a new way of making them learn something new.

Send some pack of Chocolate

Complementing someone with chocolates has always been a great gifting ideas.From surprise cart chocolates corner you can buy chocolates with an inimitable styles online. A bundle of chocolates carefully shaped and wrapped with all the glitz could be a unique gifts.

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Serve Food on Special Birthday Plate

nowadays serving platters are going majestic. You can definitely try to serve birthday treat on special birthday plate. You can get printed hard disposable plate. Message on the plate will be dessert after treat. It can have special message from you or his cute picture or his shady acts. It can be anything .it will make a difference for sure

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Balloon Decoration in Room

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Balloon decoration has gone to another dimension in last couple of years . Now there are various design of balloon,various colors are there. Balloons can be printed with photos. Balloons can be assembled to make numbers,letters,or can be used for makeover around grand cake. If you are too expressive, you can create a heaven out of balloons .

Robo Alive Dragon Ice

Advances Robo technology brings life to your Dragon. With realistic sounds and movements, they are not just alive, they are Robo Alive. This realistic dragon can breathe fire or ice with the fire breathing and ice blasting led effects. Robo alive approachable technology is suitable for all ages, bringing technology and imagination to life. With lifelike robotic movements and awesome sound effect, it could be one of the best gifts for your child.

Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab

With Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super lab you can gives your children to work like a scientist so that they can identify, and extract surprise collectible from other planets through scientific play.
This set consist of a different creature with their classification on it so that your kid can learn and identify them, apart from that it also consist two mini posters with fun image and science facts to extend the learning of your kid. With 35 to collect, your children will love building their collection. There are also 15- piece set includes liquid reactor super lab base, two reactor pods, and an experiment guide. It is suitable for kid over 6+ Birthday Surprises.

Race Portal

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With latest technology and uniquely identifiable vehicles Hot wheels or Race portal has been evolved. The more your kids play with physical vehicles, the more they can level up in the app! You have to scan hot wheels id vehicles to launch them into the digital universe. Let you child experience a digitally connected racing world in which he/she can track speeds, stunts, laps, set new records. With inbuilt latest technology, race portal will surely be your kid favourite.

Crazy Forts

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Crazy Forts are a unique, building and creative toy. Crazy forts come with child safe toggles and rod. You can join them together to build any paly space for your child imagination. Create an igloo one day, cave on other, pirate ship or castle the next. You can put the piece together in different configuration, so that you kid can have a unique new play space every time. The new Crazy Fort is powered by a Child imagination.

Walkie Talkies for Kids

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Playing superheroes, spies, or even hide and seek will became more interesting when walkies talkies are included. Walkie Talkie helps your kid to communicate while playing from distant place like from the staircase to garden or from lawn area to balcony upstairs. And your kids would simply love that. Some models are available in market with additional security feature and some of them are waterproof. There are also few walkies talkies which are themed with most loved character and children movies.

IQ Builder-Fun Educational Building Toy Set

You can empower your child with the skills needed for a bright and successful future and that’s through game. This IQ Builder has created a brand new and unique set of educational toys with a strong emphasis on STEM learning to help children build a solid foundation in Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics. These new toys are designed in such way that it flexes mental muscles and put the cognitive part of the brain to work for problem solving skills and development of reasoning among your young one.Toys is a new tool through which your child can learn something new as it is fun and productive gift for child as well as adult.

OM Way Kids Digital Video Camera

Photography is capturing a moment and let your kid capture their precious moments through digital video camera. Children can record there each and every moment and also can take clear image. OM Way kid camera comes with 32GB SD Card, TF Card reader, and USB cable. This mini portable size light weight and lanyard design, which you can carry out anywhere and get your kids away from TV and games. You can give more initiative right to your kids to discover more interesting things by themselves. It could be best birthday gifts or Christmas holidays gifts for 5 years old days.

LEGO City ATV Race Team

Let your kid be ready to race with Lego city ATV race team. This set contain two ATV, a pickup truck, trailer hitch, pickup bed with adjustable ramp and detachabletrailer with adjustable ramp, plus helmets, fuel barrel and a spare toy tire. Your kid will spend hours in building and playing this game as they race their blue car against red car. Apart from that this toy playset includes two minifigures.

Ultimate Crayon Collection COLORING Set

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With 152 dazzling colors, the ultimate crayons collections have all the shades your kids need to make vibrant, full-colour artwork. This ultimate collection comes with a bright yellow caddy and a sharpener to keep your crayons organised and ready for creating. Featuring quality performance and rich colours, this set will inspire colourful works of art. Gift this crayons colouring set to your kids so that they can fill colours to their imagination.

Hookey Games

With this all new Hookey Games, help your kids to learn maths while playing this game and having fun. Aiming and tossing rings helps your kid to develop hand-eye coordination, and while counting the scores it will improve their math skills. This challenging game is suitable for both children and adults who love playing this addictive game of skill and luck. This is a perfect gift item for your children in this COVID vacation time.

Remote Control Car and Truck

Not only kids but parents too could play with kids and tell them more about the fire truck. It will create the harmonious family atmosphere and you will enjoy the time while playing.
Radio Control Fire Truck with siren sound and flashing lights, teaches your children about the emergency services through play. Now your kid can be a fire fighter with his very own fire truck. With fully automatic remote-control function you can forward, reverse, stop, left, right, spray water over 10 feet with the press of a button the remote. You can also adjust light , sounds and siren , adjustable wheels , rubbers tires and water reservoir give realistic look to this truck. This could be your child favourite toys among all his inventory. So Send online surprise gifts with surprise cart and keep smiling.

Super Mario Adventures Starter Course

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With LEGO Super Mario, your kid can team up with their favorite character in the real world. The box contains a LEGO Mario that gives instant expressive response via speaker and LCD screen. In this game players earn virtual coins by moving LEGO Mario from the start pipe to the goal pole. It is a creative way to build and is safe to play and your child will surely enjoy the games.

Kids Toys Hover Soccer Ball Set

This kid toys hover soccer ball set turn out to be a wonderful gift for your kids to play indoor and outdoor games. This game helps to increase curiosity and it cultivate good habits in them. This game enhances the relationship between you and your kids. Meanwhile, as a novel- designed toy, you can give it to boy as well as girl. You can have an amazing time in indoor games with kids!

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 Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards

This magic kit is a perfect gift option for your kid if he/she is curious and wants to master magic. Learning and performing a magic trick is easy and anyone can learn it, but only a true master magician understands the concept of how magic actually works.  This kit contains 9 activities, that teach boy and girl, tricks about how to use chemical reaction, which can be applied for future stunt. Through this explorer package, your kid will learn how to turn ordinary powder into mystically foam and change colour of it. This kit not only taught your kid about magic trick but also taught them chemical reaction and surely it will be their favourite toys among all.

Wonderful Quiet Romantic Starlight for Kids

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Now as long as you have electricity, this wonderful toy will always illuminate the entire room. And the rare occurrence when there is no power, you can use it on batteries. You should only remember that USB cable and batteries cannot be used at same time. This could be best gift for your kid, your friends and even to yourself. This is not just a bedroom light, it is 360-degree rotating star light lamp and also ideal for decoration for birthday party, festival celebration and so on. It also helps you to create warm and romantic atmosphere.

Outdoor Exploration Kit

This beautifully designed gift box could be a great present to your grandchildren niece/nephews on different occasion such as Birthday or Christmas. This kit is convenient for storing all items together in one location. It can be carried or worn as a backpack and ideals for car trips summer camps and picnic. This package includes a nylon case with wrist strap/belt loop attachment which is a great value for money.

Model Train Set

There is no greater thrill and excitement for kids than watching a train go past them, puffing out smoke, rumbling along, and thunderously going ahead- just as they see in war movies.
The all-new Model Train Set comes with a smoke effect, sound and flashlight train and tracks which can be linked with each other. Your kid will surely love to play with this set.

Books Which help in Future Studies

STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and math.  These subjects are a crucial part of a child education both now and in the future. Thesebooks are filled with unique project idea and great stories that can help to lay a foundation of discipline. Gift your kids a book related to STEM subject, and surely it will be their favourite one.

Carrom Board 

Carrom Board is one if the most popular game among the Indian houses as everyone plays it with family. In spite, of the fact that while flicking your finger get hurts with disks, but in reality,these games offer a lot of fun and everyone looks forward to play it. Carrom Board is undoubtedly a highly sought -after game in India. This is one of the best gift options for your kid, as you both can spend some quality time while playing carrom at home.

So What are you waiting for check out your package Surprise Cart and receive a beautiful surprise gift for your little one and wish them a happiest birthday ever.

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