15 Ideas to Surprise Bride – Make Her Feel Special

Commitment of togetherness for lifelong is the brightest star in the sky of decisions. To cherish your decision, bring some surprises in  your beloved’s life. Hold her hand firmly and put a surprise on her palm, in next moment many things can happen. You can get a big smile, or a hug, or a teary smiling eye. That would be surprise for you with ideas to surprise bride .so to get your surprises with surprise cart to make her feel something special and unique you because there are many person around her but someone becomes special for her  who take care of her happiness and every thoughts. For a long happy life small surprises always help us to make our relations rejuvenate.

A wedding occasion is a celebration of love, in which the bride and groom vow to be together till the end of the time. To celebrate such a special day of your life, you should obviously choose unique surprise for your partner to show how much of love you hold for her.

Your partner will surely be overwhelmed by these ideas. Whether you two wants to keep it practical or sentimental, that’s totally up to you. Here is our advice regarding the bride and groom gift exchange, from bouquet of her favorite flowers to hamper full of goodies…Otherwise if you are still confused with the gift options and not able to find something best then go for the online surprise gifts.

Mini Moon

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If you both have already decided to take your honeymoon six months after your weeding, then surprise your bride with a short mini moon to her favourite destination. A short trip after your wedding will give you a relaxation and also it will be a beautiful wedding gift. imagine your partner surprise when she discovers that you have planned a minimoon to her favourite destination. Make it happen!

Surprise Her by Singing Her Favorite Song

10 ideas  to surprise your bride

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We believe that music is best way to express your feeling or love for someone. If you Partner is fond of music, use it to surprise her at the wedding. Prepare her favourite song and sing it on the wedding days. You can even compose a special song for her on her big day to make her feel extra special.

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Love Notes

Collaborate with your bridesmaid to surprise her throughout your wedding day with the secret love notes. Isn’t a lovely idea to surprise your bride on her wedding days? All you have to do is to write a few handwritten personal loves notes to your bride and work with a bridesmaid to deliver them throughout the wedding day. For example, deliver the first notes when she wakes up in the morning, one when she gets ready, one when she enters the Mandap, and so on. Surprise her throughout the day with your lovely handwritten notes. Now days mostly this idea is trending or using as a best surprise gifts for friends on wedding and other occasions.

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Top 50 Reason Why you Love Her

Surprise your bride with a list of 50 reason, that why you want to marry her. It won’t take much of your time, so don’t worry about it. When you love someone, you have thousand of reason to marry the girls of your dream. I think this is a awesome surprise gifts for lovers who want to feel her lover or partner something specail.

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Slideshow of your Journey

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To surprise your bride, collect all of your memories and milestone that you have achieve together. Make a slideshow of all the photos from your first meeting to your engagement. You can even attach your achievement in the slideshow. It’s a sweet way to relive those happy moments once again.

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Prepare a Dance for Her

One of the best ways to surprise your bride on wedding day is a choreographed dance. Choreograph a romantic dance to surprise your partner on the wedding day. You can hire a choreographer or enlisting the assistance of a dancer friend to perfect your dance moves. This will surely be the most epic wedding day surprise ever.

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Make a Detour

If you have some time, trying to revisit all those spots which hold meaning for both of you. Think your first date, your favourite haunt, the place where your first kissed. You can do take this detour after the ceremony or vows and before the reception.

Engrave a Wedding Band

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In the age of instant messaging, where thought fade fast, an engraved men’s wedding ring will be a perfect gift item. Engrave your bride wedding band with a meaningful message. It can be verses, your wedding dates, or something which is sure to make him laugh. By having your wedding band engraved, you have opportunity to make it truly unique.

A Personalised Hankie

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A real men cry. And chances are the tears of joy could flow on his wedding days. Leave out a tissue rolled up in his pocket and choose a classy route by having a handkerchief. Let crying made stylish.

Surprise Her with a Mrs Jersey


If your partner has been eyeing wedding jacket on Instagram or Pinterest, surprise her with her very own custom design. Personalised a jean jacket for her so that she can show off her bride status with pride. It is a perfect item to throw on for cool wedding portraits, not to mention for grand reception entrance or exit. Also don’t forget to receive or send surprise gifts for marriage with surprise cart a way to nourish relations.

Beautiful Painting Inspired by Your Love Story

An adorable way to remember your wedding day is to gift your bride a beautiful painting inspired by your love story. This custom wedding painting is such a cute wedding surprise gift for your partner. You suppose will love this and the fact that you can include your favourite person in it.

A Fab Scent that will Always Remind Her of this Special Day.

Scents are known to stir up memories and emotions that come with them. That’s why we love idea of the bride wearing a special perfume at her wedding. Whenever she uses this scent afterwards, it will bring back the joy she felt that day. She will surely love it.

Firework Display

If you want to go one step ahead to surprise your bride, a firework display is fantastic idea. At the end of the night surprise your bride with a firework display. You can hire professional to put on a romantic firework display to cap off the evening.

“The Story of Us” Map

This Story of Us map for your bride will make the perfect decor and one-of-its kind. She will surely love this unique gift as it will take her back through the memory lane. Plus, it’s an amazing keepsake. Be sure to double check to make sure you have your location correct.

A Message on the Bottom of Her Shoe

Steal your partner bridal shoe and add something sentimental to it. It could be quote, lyrics, a short poem or something which make her laugh. “As we both have walk together from beginning to the end, I am glad to have my true love and best friend is perfect saying. Warning: If your partner has bought a costly pair of designer shoe, permanent marker may not be welcome. Grab a sticker instead.

Hoping this information are helpful for you we have tried to mention some unique ideas to surprise your Bride n wedding day but still you are confuse to choose best one from these list then on another step can really make you wedding day more memorable for your partner because this moment will never come again in your life. So surprise cart can play an important role to surprise your bride with some well suited surprise gift for your bride.. Just take one step to Surprise Cart Packages.

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