15 Fantastic Proposal Ideas for Him or Her

From the classic rose petals spelling out ‘will you marry me’? To popping the question in the hot air balloon, there are thousands of unique ways to propose you partner. But finding the best ideas for you and your partner may take a bit of research. In this blog, we have compiled 15 fantastic proposal ideas for him or her which are our favorites in Two different categories. Private and Public.
But before we get started, few things which you should keep in your mind is that ‘Asking your partner hands in marriage, is one of the biggest moments of your life. Every couples and every relationship are unique, so it is not necessary that what works for one couple does works for the next. For example, one person may love the idea to propose his partner during halftime of a game while another may cringe at the thought.

Private & Creative Proposal Ideas to Surprise

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1. Love Poem

If you are one of the literary couples then poetry will suit you well. Wrote a poem or short story, ending with asking for her hand in marriage. And wait for her expression. And if you are unable to create a poem, worry not! hollow a book, put a ring inside and as her to read the specific page of the book.

2. Decorate a room Full of photos of you and your Partner

Pick a room in your home or even in hotel. Get prints of photos of both of you throughout your relationship and hang it up all around. You both will be surrounded by some of the greatest memories of your time together, while asking one of the most important questions of your life.

3. Hire a Personal Chef

Plan a date at your home with a personal chef who cooks your partner favorite meals. There are hundred of unique way to utilize this creative marriage proposal idea, but one of our favorite is to have the chef put the ring one the plate for one of the courses. There are many companies that are specialize in this kind of things. They book your personal chef proposal, including candle rose and a three-course meal.

4. Propose Using Ribbon

Tie a ribbon from one end of your home to the other corner. Add a little love note, pictures and memories of your relationship at every few feet. At the end of the ribbon, be there with your surprise. If you both have any favorite songs in common, play it in the background. It will work as bonus point.

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5. Create a Custom Puzzle

Create a personalize puzzle for your proposal. Add a picture of both of you on it and your question. Once the two of you complete the puzzle, your partner will able to read it ‘will you marry me’? Then get down on your knee with rings and pop the question.

6. Propose your Partner During a Walk on the Beach

Take a trip to the beach together. Write on a small piece of paper ‘will you marry me’? roll it up and put it into an old bottle. Plant it in your walk past and make sure that your partner sees it and picks it up. This one is super exciting if you want your proposal to be surprise.

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7. Create an Audio Proposal

Record a podcast where you talk about your partner and end it with a proposal. Put it on their iTunes, Apple Podcast etc. and tell them you have discovered a new podcast that they have to listen to. Recording an Audio or a message for your loved ones really an big surprise gift for your lovers.

8.  Create a Special Website

If you both are a tech savvy couple, you should create a custom website specially for the proposal. Add photos of both of you, stories, and videos on it. Send the link of it, to your partner disguised as something else. Maybe you say it, it’s a new restaurant in the market which we should try next time. It will surely be the biggest surprise of their life.

How To Propose Your Partner Publicly

9. Pop up the Question at the Aquarium

Proposing your partner at aquarium is one of our favorite creative marriage proposals. You have to just contact the planetarium ahead of time, to see if they can project, “(Name of your partner) will you marry me?” During the stargazing show.

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10. Up in the Air

If you are in a long-distance relationship, you can propose while you partner is visiting you. When you are at the airport door, for picking her up, hold a sign board and put Mrs in front of her name and put your last name behind it. Or you can propose your partner up in the air while traveling together.
Note: Work with the flight attendant or the Pilot to create an entertaining proposal.

11. Plan an Outdoor Picnic

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You can plan an outdoor picnic in a beautiful location for your proposal. Hide the ring in the picnic baskets or even in any of the courses. Hire a photographer or a video grapher to hide and capture your proposal, so you can relive this special day forever.

12. Propose on an Airplane

Plan a destination vacation with your partner and either at the airport or on the plane, ask the speaker system to propose.
Note: Work with the flight attendant or the Pilot to create an entertaining proposal.

13. Organize a Flash Mob

Whether it’s a singing flash mob, or dancing flash mob, or something completely new, having a team to perform out is a super unique way to ask your partner to spend rest of your life together. Don’t worry, if you don’t have any idea where to start with, there is several websites dedicated solely to booking a flash mob.

14. Go for a Trivia Night

Trivia night out could be a unique way to propose your loved one even if you host one yourself at home. Have the quiz master ask the question, (name) will you marry me?” to your partner team. It will be one the most memorable moments for everyone involved.

15. Incorporate Live Music

Attend any concert, live music show etc with your partner. It will be bonus point if the artist means something special for both of you. You can even take things one level up by coordinating with venue to see if you can propose her on the stage or reaching out to the artist team to see if you get them stop in the middle of the concert, and make an announcement, setting you up for your proposal.

Now when you have creative marriage proposal ideas in your pockets, use them in unique version of asking your loved one to spend the rest of the life together. There is no such right or wrong way, the more the proposal is personalized to your specific partnership, the better it is. After they say Yes! Celebrate it together. Then figure it out that how you both are going to announce your engagement. But Don’t Forget to arrange a Surprise gift for Engagement for your partner.

How To Surprise Him or Her With Surprise Cart In A Proposal??

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