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A birthday is a special day in a person’s life. This is a day to celebrate the life gifted by God, on this special occasion we all feel delighted to be remembered by our loved ones. And receiving gifts is the best part. And if the gift is a surprise the fun is increased multiple folds. you can arrange for a surprise party as well. Or maybe take the loved ones out for a picnic and then arrange for a gift waiting at the venue. For this, you can trust the surprise gift birthday online delivery. You can have a theme party and then decide upon the gift accordingly.

How can you make Birthday Celebration Special with Surprise Gift

You can ask your friends and family to join in the fun and have a great event. If it is the 21st or 18th birthday you can plan a Surprise Gift for Birthday that shall make the young people happy. It can be a selection of chocolates or teddy bears. While if it is a celebration of the 50th or any other such special birthday you can select a better option like the customized gift. That can have their special moments being captured in it. You can add a theme of your choice to the party and all the people should dress accordingly. Have the food and the cake also according to the theme. Make sure the theme is a favorite of the person whose birthday it is. It can be a favorite movie or a game etc. Put up the decorations according to the theme as well.

How You can Get or Arrange Surprise Gifts with Us ?

surprise cart is a dedicated medium to send and surprise your loved ones with surprise gifts on their birthdays, So for this you need to tell the relation with Birthday buddy and choose a package with us, then we will select an item from our given categories ( cakes, flowers, accessories, plants, toys, jewellery, fashion, home decore and even customised gifts) you are sure will make the person receiving it happy. There are a wide variety of categories and plans that you may browse through. The best part is that the final gift is a surprise for you as well. Even you shall not be able to decide the final exact gift. You can choose a category and the plan but we send a surprise gift for your birthday.







How Long it Takes to Receive a Surprise Gift After Order it Online?

Yes, we at surprise cart, a master at sending the surprise gifts online. Place and order in advance of 7 to ten days for us to send the gift. If you place an order well in advance, we can make a special delivery on a certain date to the address you specify. 

Frequently asked questions:

How can I surprise someone on his / her birthday?

You can send a customized gift to the person and make them happy. You can select on the surprise cart (cakes, flowers, accessories, plants, toys, jewelry, fashion, home decor and even customized gifts )and find a good gift.

What can be the best birthday gift?

The best gift for a person will be the thing they love the most and also may be in need of it. Find a useful and purposeful gift for your loved one.

What are some thoughtful gifts?

You can buy plants from our surprise cart that will help your loved one as well as nature.

What are the payment options at surprise cart?

All the online modes are available on the surprise cart.

Is there any return policy at surprise cart?


Yes, there is return and refund policy.please look through the terms and conditions before you finalize the order in case of doubt.

A Few Question that May Come to Your Mind

When you send a gift to a loved one it brings a smile to their face and they are so happy. But if this is a surprise then the happiness is doubled. The quality of the gifts will be as expected and your loved ones will feel your warmth and love through them.

You can select various gifts from the wide range of categories that we have offerd. They can be chocolates, teddies, accessories etc. it can also be a combination. It all depends on the category you select.

No, we do not serve outside INDIA.

On an average it shall take 7 to 10 days for the delivery of your gift at the given address.

There is a wide selection of categories from which you can select. The certain gift can not be selected. That is a surprise from us to you. you can rest assured the gift will be good and from the category that you have selected.

The surprise part for the one who books the gift is that even you will not know what exctlly is coming to you. you may knw that the gift is a teddy, but the colour and size etc. are up to us. The over all look of the gift is a completely unknown to you. You will see it only when you get it.

You can select the category of the gift you want like a teddy or a chocolate, but not excaty which one.

Yes, please read terms and conditions before placing an order.

Yes, the servie is a safe ans secure. We make secure money transactions and send the gift safely so that the gift are intact an in good condition when they reach you.

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